Get to Know DJ Intakt

Whats Intakt's favourite colour:                                                Black
Whats Intakt's favourite food:                                                   Chinese
Whats Intakt's favourite song:                                                   Agga Doo
What is Intakt's favourite DJ:                                                      Doc Scott
What Football/sports team does Intakt support:                   England

DJ Intakt, hailing proudly from the midlands, stands at the impressive age of 48, a testament to his unwavering dedication to his craft. With an unparalleled wealth of experience and expertise, he commands the music industry with an iron grip. For the past three decades, DJ Intakt has graced countless events, leaving a trail of awe and admiration in his wake. From the length and breadth of the country, his name reverberates, a symbol of excellence and mastery.

One of Intakt's most remarkable accomplishments, apart from his successful marriage, lies in his role as the Co-Founder of Reel Tek Sessions since 1996 and Co-Owner of Reel Tek Radio. This platform offers the community the incredible opportunity to tune in and experience live Drum and Bass Sessions every Friday night!

A bit of fun with Intakt ...

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