Get to know DJ Transition

Transition, a seasoned 44-year-old DJ hailing from Somerset, commands the utmost respect and admiration in the music industry. With a distinction in his Music and Producer Diploma, earned five years ago, Transition possesses an unparalleled level of expertise and knowledge. Having immersed himself in the world of music since the tender age of 17, Transition's mastery extends to both vinyl and digital platforms. His remarkable talent has graced countless venues across the United Kingdom, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of music enthusiasts. Notably, Transition has also had the privilege of performing twice in Belgium, a testament to his international acclaim.


Throughout his illustrious journey, Transition has garnered a multitude of prestigious competitions, solidifying his status as a true luminary in the field. His exceptional skills have even caught the attention of the esteemed DJ Blackley, forging a mutually beneficial professional relationship that sees Transition regularly featured on CRE8DNB.


Despite facing life's inevitable challenges, Transition's unwavering determination remains unscathed. Now, after a well-deserved hiatus, he is poised to make a triumphant return with his highly anticipated debut set on December 2nd in the vibrant city of High Wycombe. Prepare to witness the resurgence of a legend, as Transition reclaims his rightful place at the forefront of the music scene.

A bit of fun with Transition ....

Transition's favourite colour:                                   Blue

Transition's favourite food:                                      Pizza

Transition's favourite song:                                      Hurt you by Chasing Status

Transition's favourite DJ:                                          Andy  C

Transition's favourite football/sports team:         Middlesborough FC

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