Get to know DJ Kryptic

Kryptic's unwavering passion for Drum and Bass music was deeply rooted in his upbringing, as his Dad, a true old skool raver, exposed him to the electrifying sounds of Jungle and Garage music from an early age. From the moment he picked up his first set of turntables at the tender age of 17, Kryptic knew he had found his calling. With an unwavering determination and an unyielding belief in his abilities, Kryptic swiftly fell head over heels in love with the art of DJing.


It became crystal clear to him that this was not just a mere hobby, but a lifelong pursuit that he would wholeheartedly dedicate himself to. His ultimate dream was to become a renowned producer, crafting and releasing his own groundbreaking music..


However, life took an unexpected turn for Kryptic just before the onslaught of the COVID-19 pandemic. He embraced the responsibilities of fatherhood, temporarily putting his DJing endeavors on hold. Family became his priority, and he embraced this new chapter with open arms. Yet, as the chaos of the world settled and a semblance of normalcy returned, Kryptic found himself drawn back to the pulsating beats that had always ignited his soul. 


Attending his first Drum and Bass event in what felt like an eternity, at 24 years old, he was instantly transported back to the essence of his true passion. It was a powerful reminder of his unshakable desire to conquer the world as a DJ and Producer.


Since that pivotal moment, Kryptic has poured every ounce of his being into perfecting his craft. Tirelessly mixing his own music and honing his production skills, he is now on the brink of unleashing his sonic creations upon the world. With highly anticipated releases slated for the end of this year, Kryptic stands tall, ready to make an indelible mark on the music industry. Confident, assertive, and unyielding, Kryptic embodies the essence of self-assurance. His journey is one of unwavering conviction, as he fearlessly pursues his dreams, leaving no room for doubt or hesitation.


The world better prepare itself, for Kryptic is about to revolutionize the realm of Drum and Bass with his unmistakable talent and unrelenting drive.

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Whats Kryptic's favourite Colour:                                       Purple

Whats Kryptic's favourite food:                                           Chicken

Whats kryptic's favourite song:                                           Bonesaw, by Simula

Whats Kryptic's favourite DJ:                                                Mozey

Whats Kryptic's favourite Football/sports team:              Luton Town FC

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